About Me

My name is Jennifer Smith, and I’m a Certified Holistic Health Practitioner.  I'm also a wife and mom who believes that

God magnificently designed our bodies to heal themselves with the proper tools.


Like many, I come from a family riddled with disease: cancer, diabetes, heart disease, addiction, obesity, depression, Alzheimer’s and more.  While a very small portion may be attributed to unavoidable genetic factors, the majority of illnesses can be overcome with a healthy lifestyle.  This includes addressing toxicity, digestive imbalances, viral/bacterial infections, emotional wounds, nutrient deficiencies and other lifestyle modifications to improve gene expression.


After studying natural health for much of my adult life, I endured a stressful event that led to an autoimmune condition.  I gained 20 pounds, developed embarrassing skin problems, experienced deep pain in my extremities, and could barely get out of bed.  Despite the fact that I’d helped so many others with their health, I now felt sick, hopeless and scared. 

I visited multiple health practitioners who provided little to no help, so I realized I had to muster up the energy to reclaim my health on my own.  I dug deep, I prayed, I researched, and I began my walk on the road to natural healing.  Along the way, I found that it wasn’t always as easy as I’d previously thought.  It took patience, faith and determination.  I yearned for a partner to help guide and support me.  But I knew that in the long run, this experience was a gift that would allow me to better help others.


As my healing began, I also began more formal training with Trinity School of Natural Health.  I completed the N.D. program, and then became board certified through the American Naturopathic Medical Association in mid 2017; just in time for my health to soar!  My education continues on a daily basis, and I love sharing this knowledge through Individual Consultations, Comprehensive Wellness Programs, Group Workshops, and a natural health Media Library.  I partner with my clients to incorporate epigenetic healing modalities ranging from Nutrition, Herbs and gentle Ionic Detoxification, to Aromatherapy, Light/Sound Brain Entrainment, Electrotherapy, Whole Body Vibration and more. 


I’m not here to replace your medical doctor, but I’m happy to partner with him or her, using a fluid plan to empower you to optimize your health.  Many medical doctors are simply overwhelmed with too many patients and too little time to spend with them, leaving a healthcare gap.  Whether it’s being proactive or reactive, I hope you’ll allow me the opportunity to help bridge that gap for you, your children, or another loved one.  Look into my 90-day Wellness Mastery Program under 'Consultations & Wellness Programs'.  It's likely the best investment you'll ever make!