For the safety of our holistic health-minded Established Clients, we're currently not accepting new clients who've had any of the C-19 injections (aka "\/a((ines") for in-person appointments.
We're happy to serve \/a((inated people via phone consultation.  
Thank you for understanding.

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Let's combine ancient secrets with modern technology to help your body heal itself!  We'll consider factors like symptoms, diagnoses and overall lifestyle to determine the root cause; then use tools like nutrition, herbs, essential oils or lifestyle modifications to support bodily systems so you can thrive.  

Client Therapies

Feel Better Faster

Accelerate your body's ability to heal itself with client therapies designed to reduce stress,

eliminate toxins, relieve pain and restore vitality. 



Take Control

If you're an established client that needs questions answered, a supplement refill, a Berkey water filtration system, gift certificates or a Media Library rental/return,

we welcome you.

Meet new friends and become part of the Enlighten Community with inexpensive workshops that benefit various charities.  Most workshops last one hour, and are designed to be fun, yet informative.

Enlighten Academy

Not sure which service is right for you? ...or if I'm the right practitioner for you?
Let's talk!

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Enlighten is located in the

Riverside Office Park;

back, lower level.

Open Monday - Friday,

by appointment

880 S. Pleasantburg Dr., Suite 4D

Greenville, SC  29607

880 S. Pleasantburg Dr., Suite 4D

Greenville, SC  29607

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